High-risk licensing for operators of Geelong crane hire business

April 2, 2015

Dogging, rigging and operating cranes are all high-risk occupations and under Australian law a licence is required to work with high-risk equipment or plant. This licence is then valid in every state and territory in Australia.

High-risk work licences and classes of high-risk work include:

  • Dogging work
  • Rigging work. There are three levels of licences for rigging work – basic, intermediate and advanced
  • Use of a tower crane
  • Use of a portal boom crane
  • Use of a mobile crane
  • Use of a materials hoist.

The licencing procedure involves taking part in training that is delivered by a Licence Assessor in accordance with the relevant unit of competency. For example, to gain a licence for basic rigging, the core competency unit involves training in:

  • Movement of plant and equipment
  • The ability to calculate a Safe Working Load and Working Load Limit
  • Correct placement of precast concrete
  • Correct erection, stability and dismantling of structures and plants
  • Correct cantilevered crane-loading platforms
  • Working safely at heights
  • Correct application and use of safety equipment.

Building and construction sites are inherently dangerous places – noise, heavy machinery, confined or high work spaces, chemical, fuel or refrigerant lines or energised electrical services. These are only a few of the high-risk elements involved with construction work.

Of course there are a great many safety measures put in place to protect workers and a “safe work method statement” is legally required for all high-risk construction work in the state of Victoria. This statement must list the types of high-risk construction work that will be carried out on the site and how the risks will be controlled. The employer will need to ensure that all high-risk work activities are always carried out in accordance with the safe work method statement and penalties apply if they are found to have been ignored. The business or the employer also needs to keep a copy of the safe work method statement.

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