New 18-tonne Franna crane for hire in Geelong

August 12, 2015

We are proud to welcome a new 18 tonne Franna crane to our fleet at Absolute Crane Solutions. It joins our existing 7 tonne mobile truck crane. The addition of this crane means that we have even more solutions for your lifting needs. This crane made it all the way down to us from Singleton, NSW.

So some of you may be wondering what the difference is between a Franna crane and a mobile truck crane?   First of all, Franna cranes were originally called ‘pick and carry’ cranes. Franna (now Terex) was the original maker of the pick and carry crane but they became so popular that these cranes are now simply referred to as ‘Frannas’ even though they may be made by other manufacturers (a bit like how we refer to searching online as ‘Google’, even though we may be using Internet Explorer or Bing).

Franna cranes

Just by its original name (‘pick and carry cranes’), Franna cranes are mostly used to lift and carry equipment – so basically it can lift an object and then have the capacity to ‘walk’ it to the designated location. It does this by articulating in the centre which gives it excellent turning ability around work sites. Examples of jobs which may require a franna include:

  • loading and unloading shipping containers
  • moving heavy machinery inside workshops
  • placing material in difficult locations on building sites.

Find out more about our 18 tonne franna crane for hire in Geelong.

Mobile truck cranes

Mobile truck cranes, on the other hand, are mounted on the back of a truck and use outriggers for stability. These cranes are able to travel at highway speeds which reduces travel time and cost. Examples of jobs which may require a mobile truck crane include:

  • unloading and loading trucks
  • erecting structural steel
  • lifting timber trusses onto roof 2 storey buildings.

Find out more about our 7 tonne mobile truck crane for hire in Geelong.

If you are unsure which crane to use for your next job or project, make sure you contact us as we are the lifting experts, ready to provide you with the best advice to help you save time and money.