Dogging & Rigging, Geelong

Do you need professional and affordable dogging and rigging services in Geelong?

At Absolute Crane Solutions, our operators have the required high-risk work licence (HRWL) that allows them to safely and efficiently carry out all dogging and rigging work Geelong-wide.

Dogging is the slinging technique employed to safely “sling” a load. The process also involves the selection of the correct lifting gear to be used. Dogging services include inspecting the lifting gear and communicating with the plant operator when the load is out of the operator’s view.

A rigger is involved with moving a load with mechanical load shifting equipment. Riggers don’t operate the machinery itself, rather they set up and dismantle lifting equipment.

Our doggers and riggers will determine the best solution for moving loads. With extensive technical knowledge and experience, you can rely on any of our crane riggers to get the job done, whatever the size or content of the load and whatever its position. Contact us at Absolute Crane Solutions to discuss all your lifting and rigging needs, as well as any Geelong mobile crane hire or Franna crane hire requirements you might have.