Absolute Crane Solutions FAQ

Where does the term “Franna crane” originate from?

A Franna crane is actually a “pick and carry” crane. The term “Franna” originated from the Franna company who manufactured the pick and carry crane in Australia. Franna has since been bought by Terex, however the term “Franna crane” has well and truly stuck in Australia even though pick and carry cranes are made by a number of other manufacturers.

Franna cranes dominate the Australian market as they are the ultimate “taxi” crane. As well as being exceptionally versatile and multipurpose, a Franna hire crane can be driven on public roads which is a great plus in allowing easy movement between work sites. Absolute Crane Solutions offer affordable and flexible Franna crane hire Geelong-wide.

So what exactly is “dogging and rigging”?

“Dogging” is the term for slinging techniques used to move a load. This involves the selection and inspection of required lifting gear as well as directing crane operators when they are moving a load that is out of their line of sight.

Dogging has been classed as high-risk work on Australian work-sites, and operators are legally required to hold a high-risk work licence (HRWL). Absolute Crane Solutions provide specialist dogging and rigging for Geelong building and construction industries.

“Rigging” is work involving the use of mechanical equipment to move, place or secure a load. Rigging is also involved in the safe and secure setting up and dismantling of cranes. A basic rigging licence covers the requirements of a dogging licence. There are three different levels of licences for rigging – basic, intermediate and advanced, with each giving the holder of that licence the training and know-how to carry out various rigging work.

For the building and construction industries, Absolute Crane Solutions provide all Geelong dogging and rigging services.

Do you need special training to operate a crane?

Driving and operating a crane is a specialist job. To offer and operate mobile crane truck hire in Geelong and district, you need a high-risk work licence (HRWL) which involves training and testing. Absolute Crane Solutions only offer “wet” crane hire in Geelong – “wet” means the crane comes with an operator and all our mobile crane hire is provided with an expert crane operator behind the controls.

What are the obligations and responsibilities of the crane operator?

The operator who is providing the Geelong crane services has a duty of care for his or her own health and safety as well as that of other people in the workplace.

Do you have a 7-tonne truck in your fleet?

Absolute Crane Solutions offers a 7-tonne Tadano mobile crane truck hire service in and around Geelong.

In what areas do you provide your crane hire services?

As well as providing our professional and reliable crane hire Geelong-wide, we also service the Surf Coast, Bellarine Peninsula, Cape Otway and the Golden Plains Shire.